Dan Brossoit  MS, CSCS, USAW, CF1    

I am so proud to have been apart of the many lives drastically changed by proper nutrition and exercise. To see the amazing transformation that not only happens to the body but also to the mind is extraordinary. What I absolutely love the most is the improved sense of self worth that comes with the accomplishment and how that in turn impacts my client's lives! I'm going on 20 years in the business and looking forward to many more success stories. Let me help you create your success story! 


Jarod King  BS Exercise Science

Howdy folks! I've been training for over 13 years now and loving every bit of it.  Im super excited to be training at FitEdge from day one of its existence.  It feels great to know that Fitedge has the same values and dreams to affect positive change into peoples lives.  I love to train a variety of clients.  I specialize in weight loss, injury prevention and injury maintenance with corrective exercises and helping people feel better by listening and working through life challenges.  I've trained all ages and I find it extremely rewarding to be a part of their success!





Holly Matthew  BS Exercise Science

I have been in the field of personal training/fitness coach for a total of 10 years.  I am a firm believer in the fact that proper function andmovement is key to your physical success.  Along with proper eating habits you will look and feel great. My goal is to teach clients to be well rounded in all aspects of fitness as so they can enjoy everyday life but to also enhance work life and the level of play; that each desires.  I specialize in strength and balance training as well as rehab and osteoporosis training programs.  I have been married for 18 years and have 2 girls, which keep me very busy with sports activities.  I am a former Eastern Washington University track and field athlete (sprinter) and an avid volleyball player, 5k runner, and fitness competitor.  


Lori Snyder






Hannah Ewert BS 

Welcome! I'm Hannah, a Certified Personal Trainer here at Fitedge. My passion is helping each individual I work with to become the best version of themselves. My favorite aspect of becoming healthy and strong is not only the physical component, but the emotional transformation. Learning to live a balanced healthy life provides confidence, achievement, and self worth. I have four years experience coaching athletes, gymnasts, bodybuilders, and weight loss transformations. I also have certifications in Functional Movement & Fitness Nutrition. In my spare time I personally enjoy yoga, cooking, and snow sports. Come join me to begin your journey today! 


Travis Terry   BS