How We Do It

  • First we conduct a  Functional Movement Screen prior to starting any of our programs. This gives us the opportunity to help customize your experience even in a group class setting. You will receive a personalized corrective exercise plan to help prevent injury. 
  • Next we help you pick a plan that best suits your needs - whether its all group classes or a combination of group classes and private training. 
  • Finally we look into what nutritional help you need, get you going with our Dietitian your off to the races!


Our services are all paid on a monthly basis.

Ignite          6 week jumpstart program  -  $539

Includes unlimited class access, 4-30min private sessions (either personal training or nutrition consulting), and weekly seminars covering critical topics. As an incentive we offer you a chance to earn some of your investment back! For every 1% body fat lost by the end of the 6 weeks we reward you with $20. Every dollar you earn back can be reinvested in one of our memberships below.      

Basic          2 Classes Monthly  -  $119

Elite          Unlimited Class Access  -  $199

Premium 30          Unlimited Class Access + 4-30min private sessions monthly  -  $269

Premium 60          Same as Premium 30 but with 4-60min private sessions monthly  -  $399     

Personal Training         $72 per session

Nutritional Guidance          4 hours  -  $299


10% Discount on the above options with a 6 month commitment